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Meghan had another birthday party this weekend. I highly recommend checking out the family pic page (right there on the right sidebar, top link, for you newbies) for some good ones. This was a special party in that there were farm animals. Two ponies. Two baby goats. A rooster. A hen and some chicks. A rabbit. And all were either drugged up or mellow enough so the kids got to get up close and hold/pet them. Meghan got to go on her first horse ride ever. She liked it so much, she took two more. I fear the words “Mom, Dad, I want a pony,” are in our future.

She had a great time, got to see some of her school friends again, and ate some yummy cake. My favorite part of the day was how she told Suzanne about one of the ponies after she got home from work. The pony’s name was Strawberry Shortcake. Meghan called her Short Strawberry Cake. We’re still chuckling about that one.


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