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Sharing some surf-worthy links I’ve run across the past few days.

The Nesbitts sent me this fun site. You can see how many people in the U.S. have your name. Apparently there are three of me. One of my wife and Meghan. And “one or fewer” of Cait. This may come in handy in naming daughter #3.

These are almost worth the $200 Nike is asking for them.

More proof that the recording industry is still completely clueless about how to leverage the power of the Internet: they are again angling to charge exorbitant licensing fees to web radio. Muxtape shut down earlier this week. Pandora may be next. My favorite outlet, woxy, has some solid funding and a backer who is committed to finding a way to make it work. But I can’t believe they’ll survive long if the RIAA gets its way. They treat their customers like criminals and punish those who are willingly, legally spreading new music. Doesn’t make me feel bad about only getting about half of my new music from iTunes or Amazon.

Geek alert: famous pictures redone in Legos.

More geekism: The Empire In The Bay Area


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