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Some things to waste your time on the Internets.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t post this one as soon as I got it. Over the past couple days, it seems like just about everyone is linking to it. One writer ranks the Beatles’ songs from 185 to 1. Great list. I’ve been thinking, oh for about a year, about my own top five or ten Beatles songs. This makes me reevaluate a couple of my choices.

My man Mr. Murray sent me this link. Scroll down and read the user reviews of the product. Funny stuff. And, $55 for this??? Yikes.

Variety looks back at ten years of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

I found this on Current TV. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Analogical Tetris. We played a shitload of Tetris on the only Mac on our floor my freshman year. We also made up a lot of stupid dorm hallway games to play late at night.* I’m not sure why we never came up with something like this.

* Most involved the participants being drunk, then somehow chasing each other through the halls. A personal favorite involved covering the central, tiled portion of our hallway with ice and water, then having a large group of say 15 guys chase one guy, who got a 25 or 30 foot head start, down our wing, though the lobby, and into the women’s wing. That icy water could be slippery!


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