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There are some changes in store for the blog in the coming weeks and months. I’ll get into more detail as I work things out, but I’ll offer up a hint that I’m teaching myself how to code HTML, XHTML, and CSS. For the majority of you who are scratching your heads about what the hell those things mean, they are the languages that websites are written in. So, sometime in the future, I’ll be able to code how the blog looks all by myself. I think that’s terribly cool. I hope you’ll indulge me and agree.

In the meantime, I’ll be playing around with the templates available to me now. Thus, the look and feel of the site may change quite a bit as I experiment to help formulate my plan for how I want my design to look when I’m ready to start coding.

Also, I’ve decided to scrap the Weekly Links feature. I’m just going to post links as I find them. That way I don’t miss anything, I can comment a little more on some of them, and I offer up more content each week. Everybody wins!

This link, though, doesn’t require much explanation from me.

This is why you’re fat.


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