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For the first official post at the new blog home, let’s review how the transition went, from my perspective.

I still have some loose ends to clean up but am 90% complete with the move. As with any change, I ran into a hiccup midway through. During my last blog migration, I had no issues taking the history of the previous site and importing it into the new site. But when you’re dragging four-plus years of posts, you can run into problems.

The software I’m using now only allows you to import 2 GB of data. My first attempt checked in at nearly six gigs. I couldn’t find a way to split the data into segments, so around 9:30 Saturday night, I began looking for things to delete from the old site. First, I deleted all but the most recent images that were attached to the posts. I deleted any videos I’d imported or other media files that I’d uploaded over the years. After all that work, still way too high.

Next, I deleted all the old comments. That kind of sucked, since I wanted to keep those. I never read back through them, and doubt any of you want to go back and read what you posted in March 2006, but it would have been nice to have access to them. So, in blocks of 20, I deleted nearly 700 comments. Now I was down to 3.5 GB.

About the only thing left to do was to start deleting posts. Fortunately, as I flipped through the 1100 or so posts, I could look at the category and the opening sentences and make a quick determination of whether a post really needed to come across. I took about six cracks at it, slowly getting closer to the 2 GB barrier, and finally just after midnight Sunday morning got to that point exactly. I quickly imported the posts before I screwed anything up and it appeared to go as expected. For the record, I’m starting the new blog with 519 posts imported from the last two sites.

One bummer is that the old posts aren’t registering in the archives section. However, they are showing up when you use the search box. So, you can’t look at the list and go straight to April 2008. But, you can search for Mario Chalmers and get every post in which I’ve mentioned him, including those from April 2008. Again, I don’t know how many of you will even want to dig back through the archives, but at least they’re there.

So that’s where we are as of Sunday night. Hopefully all will work as expected from the user-side. Please do let me know if you run into any issues, if you have suggestions, etc. I should have everything I want done to the site during phase one completed this week. Phase two starts whenever I am ready to take a crack at designing my own theme.


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