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Big baby news. Lia is now rolling over. She was close over the weekend, then finally did it at the in-law’s on Monday. Now, stick her on the floor and she’s a rolling fool.

She’s added other tricks, as well. She’s learned how to bounce in her exersaucer. Monday night we were doing the 30 minutes to wipe her out before bedtime trick. She was bouncing in it like she was riding a horse, grinning at me the entire time. It wasn’t that long ago when she could only last about five minutes in the thing. Tuesday morning, I stuck her in it for an hour.

She has also added some fun new happy sounds to her vocal tool box. She has some sweet chirps and squeaks that she lets fly when she’s playing or wants your attention.

A larger, very important post coming up later today.


Meghan has finally mastered the Knock Knock joke. It took some help from mom, but she can now say two jokes correctly: the old stand bys “Orange” and “Boo.”

This is a big deal because since she first discovered Knock Knock jokes a year ago, she’s kind of missed the point. Here’s an example of a 2008 Meghan Knock-Knock joke.

Meghan: “Knock knock!”
Me: “Who’s there?”
Meg: “Pink flower.”
Me: “Um, pink flower who?”
Meg: “Pink flower silly baby underpants! HAHAHAHAHA!”

It’s impossible to recreate exactly what her final response would be, but in each case they would be utter nonsense followed by her manic guffawing. It left me scratching my head, wondering if I had dropped her on her own head in her earliest months and somehow created this weird kid who said such odd things.

I’ll gladly take five minutes of the same two jokes repeated constantly over that.

She’s very good at riddles, also. Car trips around town are easy when she’s in the mood for riddles.


“What are the girls saying these days?” you ask. I share below.

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Meghan and Cait built their first ever snowman over the weekend.* They were very excited about it. It had to have been the easiest snowman in the history of snowmen. The snow had melted down a little so that it packed without any effort. As I rolled the snow, it sucked everything up down to the ground, leaving a trail of dead grass behind me. Meghan saw the path and decided I had magical powers.

“Daddy is changing winter to spring!” she shouted.

If only I had that kind of power.

* OK, I actually made it for them, but they directed me.



I’m going to throw caution to the wind and declare that Lia is the happiest baby ever. This comes with some risk, since each time for the past 2.5 years I’ve praised Cait for sleeping through the night, she would immediately go back to her old ways. But I’m confident Lia can shake the curse of the blog.

Lia just went through that hyperspace mode of development where, before Christmas, she was just starting to look around and gurgle a bit and now suddenly she’s laughing, chatting, and trying to get your attention. I forgot how fun it is when they get in this mode and sit there watching you, waiting for you to notice them.

Today I had her in her bouncy seat in the kitchen so I could collect the dirty dishes and attempt to straighten up a bit. Every time I walked by her and glanced her way, she had a big, stupid baby grin on her face, would bat her eyes at me, and giggle. Of course, then I played with her for a moment, which just reinforces that behavior. If only directing the behavior of your kids was always that easy! While her big sisters are increasing my blood pressure and taking away IQ points, it’s nice to have one kid who just wants you to look at her.

When she’s awake, it seems like she’s smiling about 75% of the time. She smiles when you give her a bath, change her clothes, get her a new diaper, or just hold her. It’s always a little funny when you have to do the quick clothes change at 2:00 a.m. and she goes from being asleep to wiggling around and flirting with you on the changing table as soon as you remove all her clothes.

We busted out the exersaucer last week, figuring it was time to slowly introduce her to it. For most of the last week, she’s been able to do five minutes or so in it before she tires out. She’d just sit there with wide eyes, trying to figure out if her new environment was safe or not. Over the past two days, though, she’s started to relax and gain some more strength, so she can now spend as long as 15 minutes it in. It’s funny to watch her tentatively put her hand on some of the toys and accidentally make something turn or chirp or squeak. Most of the time she just sits there, looking at me with a big grin on her face. It won’t be long before she can spend half an hour in it, giving us some freedom during the day.

Oh, and I at least continue to be a little freaked out by how much she resembles Meghan at the same age. I told Suzanne last week we could skip the six month pictures that we have in our hallway and just reuse one of Meghan’s in Lia’s reserved spot.

I need to give our four-year-old some credit. As maddening as her behavior has been much of the time since Lia was born, she does have her moments of pleasantness. And, apparently, usefulness.

She may be potty-training Cait.

For a few weeks, any time Meghan was using the bathroom and, to put it delicately, required a few minutes to complete her work, she would call Cait to come in and watch. After she made her “deposit,” she would show Cait, who would be fascinated by what she saw. This evolved into a new game. Each time Meghan needs to clear the bowels, she goes in, gets started, then starts yelling, “Cait! Come here! I’m going poopy! Come watch!” Cait would dutifully go running in and sit on the training potty on the floor and hang out while big sister was doing her work. Some times they would spend ten minutes in there, singing, telling stories, and laughing until Meg was ready for an assist in finishing up.* We figured this couldn’t hurt anything, so were happy to let it continue.

* Meghan’s motives may not have been completely altruistic. Yesterday we heard her say to Cait before she went into the bathroom, “Hey Cait. Come in the bathroom with me and tell me some jokes.” I’d like to hear some of these jokes.

Cait has been sitting on the potty before bed each night for a couple weeks. She always says she has peed when she’s done, but the actual success rate is around 25%. Hey, at least she’s trying.

Then, one night last week, not only did she pee, but she pooped too. She was very proud of herself, got to wear big girl panties for awhile, and then wore pull-ups a couple times until she decided diapers are ok for the time being. We gave Meghan lots of credit for showing middle sister how things are done in the potty, and she was quite proud of herself as well.

Now, to complete the mission and get Cait to use the toilet all the time so we can stop buying two sizes of diapers.

I’ve never had a problem changing diapers. It’s part of being a parent, and when I decided to be a stay-at-home parent, I signed myself up for a lot more diapers than the average dad. No worries. My one technique to make the process a little more tolerable, though, has been to pull my shirt up over my nose when changing dirty diapers. It’s not that I can’t handle the smell. It’s just, why not make it a little more tolerable if you can?

So the other night Cait brought one of her dolls up to us. She said it had a dirty diaper and she was going to change it. She went and got a new diaper, a wipe, and began taking the doll’s clothes off while she described everything she was doing to us. As she took the diaper off the baby, she paused and pulled her shirt up over her nose, then got back to work. Suzanne and I about lost it. We decided that was one of the five funniest things she’s ever done. I wonder if she tells her preschool teachers to cover their noses when they’re changing her. Clearly she pays attention to what the old man is doing.

A few quick updates on little Lia.

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It’s been a bit of a crazy week. This is Suzanne’s first week back on the day shift, so I’m in the midst of seven straight days with the girls. Monday was a breeze with the big sisters gone and Lia at Mimi’s house in the morning. Tuesday was a monster, as Lia’s nasty cold meant she had to be held for eight of the nine hours Suzanne was gone. Then today was a little better. Lia puked on me early, but seemed to feel better after that. She was positively chipper after her doctor’s visit and a long nap, spending about 20 minutes in her bouncy seat cooing and smiling. Then, just as Suzanne and I were getting ready to eat, she got a nasty stomach ache and spent the next hour screaming.

Read on for more about her visit to the pediatrician for her two month check-up, and a couple funny Cait stories.

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We got our first measurable snow on Saturday, getting a little over an inch. The girls and I headed outside on Sunday to enjoy it. Here’s a video of their frolicking.