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Driving around Monday, I heard each of the following songs two times:

“Hey Jealousy” – The Gin Blossoms
“Rebel Yell” – Billy Idol
“Crazy” – Seal
“Creep” – Radiohead

Apparently one person is programming every radio station in the entire Indy market. Either that or DJs around town were listening to their competition and getting inspiration.


A little trivia from this week’s American Top 40: The 80s* rebroadcast.

* Apparently this is the official name for these programs.

Until 1980, no artist had ever had two top ten hits at the same time as both a member of a group and as a solo artist. Diana Ross did it first in late 1980. Another artist accomplished the same feat this week in 1981. Care to take a guess? Answer is below the jump.

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